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Welcome to the EXEscan.net site

We created our site in order to collect data as an independent source about the executable files (EXE, COM, etc.) that can be found on Windows operating systems. This data can help in identifying a problematic process or a damaged file.

What are EXE files?

In the Microsoft Windows operating system, executable files are marked with the EXE extension. An executable file is a file that is used to perform various functions or operations on a computer.

Of course, there are executable files with different extensions besides EXE, for example:

How to use our website

To search, type in the name of the executable file you're looking for, or at least a 3-character segment of it in the search field above, then click on the Search button. For example, if you're looking for information about the notepad.exe file, then type the "notepad.exe" filename into the search field, or just the "notepad" segment, then click on the Search button. The wildcard characters ("*","?", etc.) cannot be used in the search.

What can the identification of an executable file help with?

It is often unclear what kind of tasks are performed by the program visible in the Task Manager's process list that use a significant amount of resources and are perhaps running in the background. After identification, it's easier to determine the importance of the given process and the nature of problems related to it.

Besides troubleshooting, the precise identification of the executable files is an important task during system optimalization as well. The system can become completely inoperational wihout some files, while other files are dispensable.

Help our work

If you created a new executable file as a developer, or if you have useful information about an EXE file that hasn't been registered by us yet, then contact us at our webmaster@exescan.net address.

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